Common Knowledge

Some of you know a lot of the general myths and lore of Vampire the Masquerade, some of you don’t. None of you have played in the style of Vampire games I run. To make things a little easier here’s a brief list of things that your characters already know at the start of the campaign.

You know what you are: You’re a vampire, and you know it. You’re not a recently Embraced mortal still struggling with these strange new desires and powers. You’ve already got that figured out. You also know what being part of your specific Clan means, and you are aware of the other Camarilla Clans out there.

You know how the Camarilla works: You’ve been a vampire for some time already. Long enough that you know howvampire society functions. You’ve already been presented to the Prince, and released by your Sire. You can decide if your Sire is still around or not, but you are mature enough now that you can handle your own problems.

You know your way around the City: Most of the action in the game is going to take place in and around the Painesville/Mentor area. You can assume that your vampire has been in the area long enough to know the various ins and outs of the area. You know where to feed, and where to find Elysium. You’re not a newcomer to the area.

You know who’s in charge: You have met, or are at least aware of who the City Officers are. Take a look at the pages in this guide that give you a full rundown of who the movers and shakers in the Domain are. All the information contained in this file is considered common knowledge. Bear in mind that this information is not necessarily the truth! This is just the information that “everyone knows.”

You know your resources: This one requires a little effort on your part. All those nifty Backgrounds, Influences, etc. on your character sheet? You know all about them. You know how you access your cash. You know who your servants and ghouls are. If you bought Influences, figure out what they mean. Is your Police Influence represented by a couple dirty cops? Or do you have the Commissioner in your back pocket? The more detailed you can be, the better.

You know who the Bad Guys are … Kind of: The Domain has recently gone through a Sabbat Siege. You have been taught by every other Camarilla vampire you have met that the Sabbat are mindless horrible monsters that drink Kindred Blood, engage in black magic and all manner of horrible crimes. What you know for certain is that a large group of violent vampires attacked the City in the past year. You were attacked and injured. The Kindred of the City rallied together and over several nights fought a running battle through the streets of Painesville and Mentor, and managed to drive the Sabbat off, killing many of them in the process. You know however that the Sabbat still lurk to the south, and that they are very interested in moving up from Akron and Kent, and taking over your Territory.

You know what you want: Or at least you better. Vampire the Masquerade (at least as I run it) is a VERY political game. Additionally, I expect player characters to be self-motivated. Does that mean that I don’t help players? Not at all. I am all about keeping the game moving, and giving you lots of exciting challenges and mysteries to keep you enjoying the game. However, I’m not a hand-holding kind of Storyteller. If you want to get the most out of this campaign, you need to be self motivated. You need to determine what your character values. What are her goals? What is her heart’s desire? What does she really believe? Who does she trust? What would she be willing to die for?
If I can get one point across here, if there is ONE thing you can do that will make this the BEST roleplaying game you have ever been part of, it’s this …


Don’t let your character be just a collection of numbers and dots on a page. Think about your character the way you think about yourself. Everyone has different things they want, and your character should too.
Plan ahead for every session. Make sure your character has a short term goal they could accomplish in a single session, as well as long term goals that may never be finished. Don’t just show up and expect to have the Storyteller spoon-feed you an adventure. You will have more fun, and get more out of the game if you MAKE your own action instead of waiting for action to come to you.
Be active, proactive, and aggressive. This is an imaginary world. This is the perfect chance to try something crazy, something that you would never do in real life. Go for broke. You never know what you can get away with until you try!

Common Knowledge

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