Jerome T. Osborne

Prince of the City


Nickname: The Headmaster
Clan: Ventrue
Title: Prince of Mentor, and the Eastern Suburbs
Mortal Guise: Chairman of Andrews/Osborne Academy.
Territory: Mentor Mall, Andrews-Osborne Academy and surroundings.

Jerry Osborne is a member of the prominent Osborne family of Mentor. The family has a vast array of real estate holdings, as well as construction businesses. Recently the family has expanded into the education market, by joining the old Andrews Academy to the Osborne conglomerate.

Jerry is a sharp, shrewd man, but he has a sense of humor. He is rather young as Kindred go, being just over one-hundred years Embraced.

Jerry values loyalty in the Kindred of his Domain. After the recent Sabbat attack on the Domain, Jerry lost many of the Elders and Ancillae of the Domain. Now, Jerry is forced to grant holdings and positions to younger Neonates. While Jerry doesn’t despise Neonates like some Princes, he is wary that these inexperienced Kindred could cause problems for him.

Jerry is firm, but fair. If there is a solution to a problem that doesn’t involve shedding blood, he’s willing to try it. He’s also practical enough to know that some people are always going to try to ice-skate uphill. In those unfortunate circumstances Jerry usually let’s his Sheriff or Scourge solve the problem. Though he’s not afraid to get his own hands dirty if he must.

Jerry is known throughout the Camarilla as a staunch upholder of the Traditions, but not a stick in the mud traditionalist. Jerry is respected by the Elders because he values the old ways, but accepted by the youth because of how he adapts to changing times.


“That school he runs? It’s his own private little Herd and ghoul factory.”

“Most Ventrue are picky eaters, but The Headmaster’s tastes are truly bizarre. It’s amazing he manages to stay fed at all.”

Jerome T. Osborne

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